Powered by our industry leading performance ad serving technology- Direct-Path , we help Advertisers and Agencies increase their ROI by helping them generate high quality leads which improve conversion rates and lower costs. The WDM team of seasoned and proven Digital Performance Marketing Experts will turn your marketing objectives into reality. We will make it possible to research sites of interest, identify sites your target audience is likely to visit, make informed media planning decisions and build your media plans. Whether you are building a campaign from the bottom up or interested in improving performance of existing campaigns, WDM is excited to work closely with you to succeed together!

Generate High Quality Permission Based Leads

The Direct-Path Network is made up of over 100 quality content sites that drive over 50,000 users per day into our Direct-Path Performance Ad Serving Technology. The technology dynamically serves custom opt-in ads to consumers in the form of Co-Registration Ads , Interstitial Ads and Banner Widgets on websites through PCs or Mobile Devices. If a consumer is genuinely interested in the ad, they will opt-into the ad and complete any custom questions. This opt-in action grants the Advertiser permission to either contact, remarket and/or sell a product/service to the consumer through email, phone, SMS, PIN submit and direct mail. We serve the ads on our hosted server which gives us 100% complete control over all aspects of the data collection process including data validation.

Direct-Path Targeting dynamically serves optimal converting ads based on user demographics, behavioral targeting, relevant site content, and additional targeting factors including our Deductive Ad Serving Algorithm. The Direct-Path Network has made Web Direct Media an integral partner for Advertisers and Agencies interested in optimizing campaign performance.

Direct-Path Advertiser Highlights

Proprietary technology which serves opt-in ads to website traffic based on Demographic Targeting, Site Content and Deductive Ad Serving Algorithm (DASA). Over 50k consumers are driven into Direct-Path on a daily basis. Ads are hosted on our servers ensuring 100% control over all aspects of the data collection process including data validation and creative control.

Individual ads can be built to collect any or all of the information asked on the registration form. Custom questions can be added to further qualify consumers as per the advertiser’s criteria.


We provide complete transparency as to where your campaigns are placed. Brand Advertisers demand high standards of knowing where their campaigns are placed to be assured that quality content traffic is being driven to their ads.

Ads are served based on the relevance of site content and user demographic information. Demographic targeting can be broken down by age, gender, area code, mobile phone carrier, geography, HHI, marital status, children and more. Additional targeting features include behavioral targeting and cookie placement. Ads can also be day parted so you can be sure leads are generated during the times you need.


Direct-Path tracks success of individual ads and ad categories for a website’s traffic and will use this information to serve future ads for optimal performance. Each lead delivered to advertiser contains a sub-id which will identify traffic source so the advertiser can provide performance feedback per source for further optimization. The Advertiser may also provide a suppression files, domains or phone numbers to scrub against.

Email, home phone, mobile phone and postal address can be verified prior to sending lead to advertiser.


Leads can be sent to advertiser real-time or through daily batch in any format.



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