Banner Widget

Banner Widgets are Innovative and Profitable!

Direct-Path`s Banner Widget Ads are another unique solution for publishers to monetize their traffic with targeted display banners without losing their traffic! After a banner is clicked, it presents a short registration form which the user can complete with their identifiable information and submit to the Advertiser. These ads are common in verticals such as insurance, continuing education, premium mobile products, market research, health and financial services.

Advertisers pay a bounty for every unique and valid lead which is generated from a website`s traffic. The monies paid by the Advertisers are shared with the website and there is no cost for using the Direct-Path technology.

The technology is seamlessly integrated into a website and it will dynamically serve optimal converting ads based upon site relevance and additional Targeting factors. Through the use of cookie tracking, individual ads will not be displayed more than once per unique user. We provide our publishers with a Reporting log-in so they can view their stats in real-time. These features along with additional proprietary technologies has made us a leader in this industry by allowing website owners to realize unforeseen revenue.


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