Syndicated Co-registration Path

Does Your Website have a Sign-Up Form or a user Registration Process?

Are you monetizing your post registration inventory?

Direct-Path`s Syndicated Co-registration Path is a FREE Solution that Monetizes
Post Registration Traffic!

Direct-Path`s Syndicated Co-registration Path is Web Direct Media`s solution for publishers who want to monetize their post-registration traffic with co-registration offers but don`t have the targeting technology or resources to do it themselves. One of the many benefits of using this performance ad serving technology is that you keep 100% of your traffic!

Here`s how it works: after a website user signs up to a site, the user will be directed into the Direct-Path Syndicated Co-registration Path where they will be shown a pre-determined amount of targeted co-registration offers. The offers can be served as a single page offer or as multiple stacked offers on a single page. Once the user finishes interacting with the offers, they will be redirected back into the referring website. Advertisers pay a bounty for every unique and valid lead which is generated from a website`s traffic. The monies paid by the Advertisers are shared with the website and there is no cost for the Direct-Path technology!

The technology is seamlessly integrated into a website and is custom built to have the same look and feel as the site so the user has no idea that they left the site. Our technologically advanced path will dynamically serve optimal converting ads based upon the demographic information the user entered on the registration form along with a number of other Targeting factors including path history. We provide our publishers with a Reporting log-in so they can view their stats in real-time. These features, along with additional proprietary technologies, have made us a leader in this industry by allowing website owners to realize unforeseen revenue. Direct-Path is a great solution for websites new to co-registartion and for existing co-registration websites interested in improving their revenue.

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