Direct-Path Technology

Direct-Path is Web Direct Media`s proprietary performance ad serving technology created to generate the highest possible eCPM for Publishers and yield the highest possible lead conversion rates for Advertisers. Content sites drive traffic into Direct-Path which dynamically serves custom ads to consumers in the form of Co-Registration Ads , Interstitial Ads and Banner Widgets through PCs or Mobile Devices. This innovative technology offers more targeting features than any other performance ad serving technology. All of the targeting features are combined in our Deductive Ad Serving Algorithm which dramatically improves lead quality and conversion rates.

Direct-Path Highlights

Over 50,000 consumers are driven into Direct-Path on a daily basis through 100+ content sites that make up the Direct-Path Network. Ads are hosted on our servers ensuring 100% control over all aspects of the data collection process including data validation and creative control.

In a co-registration path setting, individual ads can be built to collect any or all of the information collected on a website`s registration form. Custom questions are added to further qualify consumers as per the advertiser`s criteria. All leads generated are permission based and exclusive to the advertiser.


Our publishers earn the highest eCPMs with our targeted, optimal converting ads while keeping 100% of their traffic. Direct-Path is seamlessly and effortlessly integrated into your website and fully managed, allowing you to focus your resources on improving content and sending traffic to your site. Direct-Path is also 100% customizable to fit your website`s needs based on the method in which ads are served, the layout, number of ads served, skins and website redirect preference.

Brand Advertisers demand high standards of knowing where their campaigns are placed to be assured that quality traffic from content sites are being driven to their ads. We provide complete transparency as to where campaigns are placed.


Ads are served based on the relevance of site content and user demographic information. Demographic targeting can be broken down by age, gender, area code, mobile phone carrier, geography, HHI, marital status, children and more. Additional targeting features include behavioral targeting and cookie tracking. Ads can also be day parted so you can be sure leads are generated during the times you need.

Direct-Path tracks success of individual ads and ad categories for a website`s traffic and will use this information to serve future ads for optimal performance. Each lead delivered to the advertiser contains a sub-id which will identify traffic source so the advertiser can provide performance feedback per source for further optimization. The advertiser may also provide suppression files, domains or phone numbers to scrub against.


Web Direct Media works with Fortune 1000 Companies and Direct Marketers across dozens of verticals. Our extensive ad inventory is constantly growing so that the publishers in the Direct-Path Network have plenty of ads to monetize their traffic with.

Email, home phone, mobile phone and postal address can be verified prior to sending lead to advertiser.


Leads can be sent to advertiser in real-time or through daily batch in any format.

We offer publishers the most competitive Revenue Shares in the industry with net 30 payment terms. Our real-time reporting system provides you with up to the second revenue so can track profitability at any time.


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